The Four (Best) Corners of The Internet

Sometimes we're overwhelmed with stress, with joy, with creativity, with despair, with excitement, or with anxiety. Whatever emotion is taking over, there's a few corners of the Internet that cater to those who need to relax, unwind, create, imagine, or take a much needed break.

1. For when you're looking to unwind, but you also have a sick beat in your mind that you wanna get out: Tone Matrix lets you build patterns of tones & create melodies that light up in an aesthetically pleasing way while helping you create neat music of your own. Hey, maybe you're the next Kygo ;) .


2. Okay, space cadets this one's for you. Create your own nebula and watch as your choice colors take over the galaxy. 


3. Ever wish you could write down all of your thoughts, feelings, and stresses that weight you down & watch them explode into a million pieces so you could turn your brain off and get some sleep? Meet The Thoughts Room, where you can do just that. 


4. And finally for those of you who get a kick out of coincidences: Serendipity is a site that tracks when 2 people in different cities or states or countries have started listening to the same song at the very time on Spotify. It shows how people all over this world can be so different, but still connected by music.