She Looks Like Summer Outfit Breakdown

What's your go to summer outfit? This breakdown is one part truthful and one part silly, but I know you're going to keep reading. 

 The Mid Summer Black on Black Outfit: you've mastered the art of pairing black garments with other black garments. It's just a matter of mixing good textures, like this crochet top & some soft leather shorts. 

The Classic White Lace Blouse & Denim Pairing: Anything lacy is bound to keep you cool(er) in the heat of the summer, but be extra careful with that BBQ pulled pork sandwich you've been eyeing... 

That Girl Next Door Charm: It's true, you've always possessed the girl next door charm, so naturally you tend to dress the part. You know, variations of denim with a graphic tee. This particular tee seems to have it's priorities in order.

 A Retro Top: So you love nostalgia and classic jams. 

Summer on, gals! :')