Introducing The Dream Windbreaker

Say hi to your soon to be favorite item in your closet. It's The Dream Windbreaker and it comes in Black and a dusty Olive color. 

We just have to brag on it a bit because we listened to you, dear girl gang. We've listened to your responses & created something we know (hope) you'll fall in love with. 

We've compiled a list of reasons that The Dream Windbreaker really is dreamy, just in case you needed to be persuaded :') 

1) Every girl needs a windbreaker.

2) It pairs well with denim.

3) It pairs well with sweatpants. 

4) It even pairs well with FANCY pants. 

5) It's good for when there's just a bit of a chill in the air. 

6) It's good for when you'd like to layer up without looking like marshmallow man. 

7) Pair it with a turtle neck sweater underneath & you'll be so warm. 

8) If it's a humid day that's in between hot and cold, you can wear this with jean shorts.

9) A windbreaker is a sign of our favorite season, fall.

10) A windbreaker works for road trips, weekend outings, & commutes to school or work.

11) This particular windbreaker is cool because it has a drawstring in the center, so you can still show off your waist even in a long jacket. 

12) Your crush told me they're really into windbreakers because it creates that girl next door effortless style.

13) Black and olive are hands down two of the most versatile colors on this earth.

14) You can make that "swishy" sound with the sleeves for various reasons. 

15) Your friends will want to borrow it and next thing you know, The Dream Windbreaker will become your own version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.