Girl Gang Round Up | Winter VIBES

Whether you've heard of our girl gang or not, anyone can be a part of this. At the end of the day, we're just here to surround each other with inspiring beings. 

We're amidst this cozy December and we just wanted to point a little spotlight on some of our girl gang members that are totally killing the winter vibes right now. We plan on making these round ups a regular thing, so stay tuned.

Meet Lauren Crane // Photographer and cozy sweater enthusiast.

Meet Cassidy Spearman // (PC to Kylee) Cassidy. She's got serious pun game. 

Meet Christe'an // a ray of freaking sunshine & recent birthday gal. 

Meet Adora Hudson // San Diego Lover, effortlessly cool & too many good vibes.

Meet Aliana Demaria // seriously talented photographer, artist, & sweetheart. 

Meet Brooke, The Traveling Pineapple // Coffee drinker, music junkie, & brilliant mind.

Meet Khris Bajis // (PC to Marius) YouTuber, Model, & SERIOUSLY good iPhone photographer.

Meet Kristi Waite // She's a Jedi, that's all you need to know. 

Meet THE Vivian Johnson // Finishing the list strong with this NYC cutie. She's serious about brunch. 


Go give them a hello + DM us on Insta to be a part of our local girl gang ;) #YourLocalGirlGang