GIRL GANG ROUND UP | Ending The Year On A High Note

Really getting tired of the term "GOALS." Hear me out.

Why let another person's life be your goal? You're limiting your potential when you create a goal out of someone else's life. You could completely miss out on your own potential, by trying to achieve what someone else has.

Instead, let us inspire each other. Let the light from each other's lives spark something for each other. Instead of telling someone that they are GOALS, tell them they've inspired you. See what happens. See how many people you might inspire.

This being said; here's a girl gang round up of girls who aren't GOALS, but more so they live lives that are inspiring. 

PS: these round ups are a regular thing, so stay tuned.

Meet Alicia | This gal can sing & she's pretty witty, too.

Meet Tasi | Livin' that island life & dropping puns all day. 

Meet Briana | Artrepreneur & Creative Genius 

Meet Cyanna | Enjoys nostalgia & appreciates the little things in life, like deep music lyrics.

Meet Sammy | Advocate for a fresh face & makin' everybody feel like a somebody.