Broke Gal Guide To The Most Thoughtful Gifts

Myth: spending lots of money = a quality Christmas present. Reality: a small amount of money can make for a far more thoughtful, cherished Christmas present. 

For the music lovers...

Hit up your local record shop and find a favorite record that encompasses your relationship. Maybe as a great wall hanging or to be played. Related present: grab a CD (yes they still exist, too) and burn your favorite songs to one epic playlist, a TANGIBLE playlist you can wrap versus a Spotify link.


Whether you bake great Christmas cookies or just know a really great donut shop, baked goods are a sweet way of making someone feel special. 


Try something simple. A hand written letter or card can make someone's day with a few witty words and maybe even some doodles!


FREE! Research some local free concerts at small venues in your area + plan out a day of free music from a new artist, together. 


Grab some fresh florals, let them dry by hanging them upside down for about a week. Tie them together with a ribbon or arrange them in a wreath as a dried flower decoration for any blank wall. 

Okay gals, get thrifting! While you're at it, we've got all the good holiday jams here